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PSPCL -PSPCL was incorporated as company on 16-04-2010 and was given the responsibility of operating and maintenance of State's own generating projects.Starting with the modest installed capacity of 62 MW, the PSEB grew up by leaps and bounds with generating capacity 6841 MW as on 31-3-2009 from all sources, including share from Central Sector Projects. The Board's gross generation during the year2008-09 was 38880 Million Units. PSEB operated its own Generation Power Plants and also got power as its share from BBMB.

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Application by DS/NRS applicants to be made on composite Application & Agreement form (CS-1A) obtainable from local office.
• For loads upto 10 KW single phase connection and for loads above 10 KW Three Phase connections are released.
• Application for industrial, Bulk & Agricultural connections up to 100KW can be made on composite Application & Agreement(A&A) form CS-1. 2 copies of form are required.
• For loads above 100 KW, 3 sets of agreements in Form CS-1 (HT/EHT) are to be submitted. Supply is given at 400 volts for loads up to 100 KW.
• For higher loads, the supply voltages are:-
- Contract demand up to 2500 KVA 11 KV (Contract demand above 2500 KVA and up to 4000 KVA can be catered at 11KV with 10% extra billing)
- exceeding the above limit and up to 20 MVA 33/66 KV
- exceeding 20 MVA and up to 35 MVA 66/132 KV
- exceeding 35 MVA shall be catered 132/220 KV
- Bulk Supply consumers upto 5MW 11 KV
- Bulk Supply consumers above 5MW 33KV & above
• Industrial & BS consumers with load above 500KW/500KVA are to register requisition in the office of SE/Op in form CS1(R) alongwith earnest money @ RS.100/KW for feasibility clearance & then regular A&A forms are accepted.
• Application accepted with Advance Consumption Deposit at the following rates(per KW or part thereof):-
Domestic Supply : Rs.500
Non Residential Supply : Rs.700
Small Power : Rs.500
Medium Supply : Rs.750
Large Supply :
(i) General Category : Rs.1000
(ii) Power Intensive : Rs.1500
Bulk Supply : Rs.1500
Public Lighting : Rs.2000
Agriculture Power : Rs.200 per BHP
• In case of Large Supply consumers ACD is recovered as under:-
1. For Load up to 1000 KW: in 2 equal Instalments, one with application form and other through demand notice.
2. For loads above 1000 KW and up to 2000 KW : in 2 instalments first 25%(but not less than the first Instalment for 1000 KW) and balance 75% through demand notice.
3. For loads above 2000 KW: in 2 Instalments, first 20%(but not less then the first Instalment for 1000 KW) and balance 80% through demand notice.
• No interest shall be payable on ACD.
• Security for energy Meter (applicable wef 10/8/2000):
The amount recoverable against Meter/Metering equipment belonging to PSPCL is termed as meter security deposit on which interest at the rate of 6% per annum shall be payable provided the amount of meter security deposit is Rs,100/- or more

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